3 v 3 Summer Friendlies

Summer scheduling is tricky! We strive to accommodate your schedule. We allow you to pick dates that work for you, based on those available. We will match you up with appropriate level competition! Our 3 v 3 Summer Friendlies offers : Flexible scheduling, choice of schedule, appropriate competition and loads of fun!
3 v 3 Summer Friendlies - Summer 2020


Start Date: Monday, July 13th



Registration Deadline: Register by Tuesday, July 7th (but the sooner you register, the sooner others will)


Ages divisions: Birth years of 2012-2004


Number of players: 3-6 players (all nights are coed: teams can be boys, girls or a mix). Roster max roster size is 6. However, your roster can be different for each night you play


Cost: $60 per team night (includes 2 games)


Guaranteed 2 games per night (when registering please complete the correct information about your team so we can match you up accordingly. We will use this along with your results for future match ups). There are certified referees at all games.


Field Dimensions:


  • 2010 and older - 120’ x 79’ (nearly 2/3 of the full field)
  • 2011 and younger - 79' x 40' (same as Turkey Bowl, played across the width of the field)


Goal size:


  • 2010 and older - 4' x 8'
  • 2011 and younger - 3' x 6'


Regulation ball


Rules: click here for full rules of 3v3 Summer Friendlies


Scheduling: Schedules will be completed at least 4 days in advance. Games start at 5:00pm with the youngest age groups starting first. Please notice in the date options, each age group has two lists of dates to help with appropriate competition: if you are a 2008 team, there are nights that you are matched with 2009's and another set of nights that you are matched with 2007's. You win some, you lose some, it doesn't matter. These are all friendlies.


Registration Process: To join the Friendlies, you must pay for one night ($60 per team). After you pay for one night, you can register for additional nights and pay in the office prior to your games.


STEP 1 - Click here to join and pay for one night (include birth year of oldest player in team name)


STEP 2 - Click here to pick your nights (you must complete Step 1 first)