• To view days of the week your league is anticipated to play, please click the proper division. Alternate days are scheduled
  • We do accept requests to not play on certain days. Out of respect for the other teams in your division, we only allow a maximum of six conflict dates.
  • Alternate days are scheduled. Please include those in your requests
  • Registration deadline: if you want to join a league, and we have space for another team, but if schedules are complete, there will be an additional $50 late sign up fee
  • Teams from out of town (i.e., Springfield, IL or MO, Mt. Vernon, Bloomington, etc.) can request doubleheaders. We can schedule you at least 6 of 8 doubleheaders on Saturdays. The remaining two dates may vary
  • Scheduling process:
    1. Schedule requests accepted (6 requests or less)
    2. Schedules created. Provide 48 hours for coaches to request for changes
    3. Post final schedules

Notification of Conflicts Before Scheduling | Your opponent's favorite!

  • Please provide us all of your conflicts before scheduling using the form below
  • Please communicate your conflicts for all days including location/time of outdoor games
  • We allow a maximum of six conflict dates

Change Request Within 48 hours of Schedule Release | Your opponent's 2nd favorite!

  • After we post the schedules, we provide 48 hours for coaches to request changes
  • Out of courtesy to your opponent, please only change if absolutely necessary

Change Request of Final Schedule | Your opponents least favorite 🙁

  • If there is an emergency, you may request a change if the conflict meets the following:
    1. Game is more than five days away
    2. Half of your players are unavailable
    3. School or sport related

If your conflict meets the criteria, your opponent agrees, and TSA has availability, the schedule will be adjusted. If not, the result is a 6-0 forfeit.


Only the coach or manager is allowed to submit a conflict request or schedule change. Below is a list of items that are acceptable and unacceptable:


  • Tournament
  • 2 outdoor games in day
  • School event affecting half of your team
  • Out of town teams can request double headers. We will then schedule you 6 of the 8 games as double headers


  • Outdoor team practice
  • 1 outdoor game, please submit the day/time/location and we will schedule around it
  • 1 coach missing
  • 1-2 players missing for any reason
  • Weekends only. Too many other teams will have conflicts making this conflict too difficult
  • Another soccer or sports league but not having the schedule yet. If that is the case, that league can schedule around our games
  • Multiple weekends for a division that is scheduled on weekends