What type of shoes should I wear?

We encourage and highly recommend players to use their outdoor shoes when playing on our turf. Molded plastic cleats/studs will work best for traction and enhance your experience. ABSOLUTELY NO METAL STUDS/CLEATS ALLOWED. Firm ground/hard ground/ artificial ground shoes are perfectly fine as long as there is no metal in the stud/cleat pattern. We strongly discourage the use of traditional indoor/hard surface/flat soled shoes due to possible loss of traction.

Can boys play in girls leagues and vice versa?
Boys cannot play in girls leagues. Girls can play in boys leagues.  Kindergarten and 1st Grade is our Juniors league and that division is coed so there might be boys teams, girls teams and coed teams.


Is it really $900 for my child to play on a team?
That is the team fee.  There is a team fee of approximately $800-$1,000 that families will split the cost (depending on number of players and sponsors).  If you are registering individually for a House Team, the cost is approximately $105 per player.


Do you accept schedule requests?
Yes, if you submit your requests prior to scheduling, we will work around most of your conflicts. Please visit the scheduling page for full information.



Can my child play on an older or younger team?
Players can play older (up) but they cannot play younger (down). Players can only play on one team per age division.  For example, if you have players on your team that are in 6th, 7th and 8th grade, you must register your team for the division of your oldest player.  In this case, 8th grade.  There are no exceptions to this rule.  You can also check out the Age Matrix for exact cutoff.


What is your policy for player sharing during youth games?
Player sharing is discouraged but allowed in Competitive Youth Leagues ONLY. Please visit the Rules for full details.



Do you provide T-shirts for teams?
We only provide shirts for TSA House Teams for individual registration for K-8th. We do NOT provide shirts for all other teams.
Can you help an individual player find a team?
Yes! We love helping beginner and experienced players join a team. Please visit the page, ‘Join a Team’.


How long are rental times?
Rental times are five minutes less than the total time allotted. This allows for a smooth transition between field activities. For instance, a one hour rental provides you 55 minutes on the field. An hour and a half rental provides you with an hour and 25 minutes on the field.
What is the large play set in the lobby?
Kids love our PlayHouse. It is only $4 for a bracelet that is valid all day.



What if our team cannot attend a game that is scheduled?
Please visit our Scheduling page for full information.


In the winter, do you cancel if there is snow or ice?
In the case of inclement weather, please visit our Facebook page or you can text or call us anytime @ 618.288.6899. We will also email your coach.
When did the facility change from The Game to The Sports Academy?
In February of 2010, the facility went under new ownership and changed names, as well as management.
How do I register a team for a league?
Click here. Then, find the desired division and click ‘Register Online.’


When I try to sign up online, it wants me to pay the full amount. Do I have to?
No. You can click on the dollar amount box at the bottom of the sign up page and change it to whatever you like. We do, however, require a $50 deposit for all leagues.
How do we get our schedule?
Click here to view the Schedule and Standings. You will receive an email when schedules are posted.


Are the referees TSA employees?
No. We have outsourced our referee team to Dan Lusicic. He does all scheduling of referees and they are required to be certified and dress appropriately — adding professionalism to your experience at TSA.
Do you serve food, drinks and beer?
The Stadium Sports Bar & Grill is located inside of The Sports Academy and is a full service bar and grill. The Stadium Sports Bar & Grill provides a wide variety of food from nachos to cheeseburgers and wings to pizza. The Stadium also has a large variety of beer and liquor along with sodas and ICEEs. Check out our menu here.



Where are the aRena and coLiseum fields and why are the 'R' and 'L' capitalized?
We got a little creative here. We have 2 fields located inside The Sports Academy.  If you are facing the building, the coLiseum is to the Left.  The aRena is to the Right. That also explains why the letters are capitalized.