Rent our fields for:

  • soccer
  • volleyball
  • whiffle ball
  • kickball
  • any other sport you need a field for

Our fields are available for field rentals year round. However, pricing and availability vary based on the time of year:

  • May Through October – $60 per hour; many options available
  • November Through April: Weekdays available until 5:30pm and after 10:30pm. Weekends available before 7:00am and after 11:30pm.

Please call (618) 288-6899 or contact us for field rental space and pricing.


Our rooms are available for rent for business meetings, team meetings, post game parties and more. All rates are per room:

  • Full Day – $180
  • Half Day – $100
  • Per Hour – $45
  • Per hour on game day – $25

Please call (618) 288-6899 or contact us for room rental space and pricing.


You can rent a field for a party and schedule a private coach for the event!

The Sports Academy is home to Elite FT, a company that specializes in soccer and youth fitness training!  Check out their website HERE

Elite FT Soccer and Youth Fitness coaches can plan out FUN and educational activities for your group!

  • Soccer
    • They can have the kids play games that incorporate soccer skills
    • They will allow the kids to have a safety first scrimmage
  • Fitness
    • Kids of any sport or fitness level will get to play FUN fitness games
    • Kids will learn a few functional movements that apply to their daily life
  • $75 per hour per coach

Please call (618) 288-6899 or contact us for more information.