Player Age Matrix 2017/2018

Girls can play on boys teams.  Boys CANNOT play on girls teams. For Juniors (Kind/1st), teams can be boys, girls or coed.

Players can play in older divisions, they cannot play younger.  For example, a team that has 6th, 7th and 8th graders must all play on a team in the age group of the oldest player, in this case, 8th grade.

Juniors (players must be in that grade or younger)

  • Kindergarten (coed) - born July 1, 2011 or later
  • 1st Grade (coed) - born July 1, 2010 or later

Recreational (players must be in that grade or younger)

  • 2nd Grade - born July 1, 2009 or later
  • 3rd Grade - born July 1, 2008 or later
  • 4th Grade - born July 1, 2007 or later
  • 5th Grade - born July 1, 2006 or later
  • 6th Grade - born July 1, 2005 or later
  • 7th Grade - born July 1, 2004 or later
  • 8th Grade - born July 1, 2003 or later

Competitive (players must be born in that year or younger)

  • 2010 - born in this year or later
  • 2009 - born in this year or later
  • 2008 - born in this year or later
  • 2007 - born in this year or later
  • 2006 - born in this year or later
  • 2005 - born in this year or later
  • 2004 - born in this year or later
  • 2003 - born in this year or later

High School (players must be in that grade or younger)

  • Freshmen/Sophmore - born July 1, 2001 or later
  • Junior/Senior - born July 1, 1999 or later

18+ Adult Coed, Flag Football, Open Men, Open Women

  • Players must be 18 years old or older

30+ Men's Soccer

  • Players must be turning 30 in that calendar year or older
Payment Policy and Sending Online Payments to Teammates Tutorial

ADULT teams must pay in full by the start of your 3rd game. A $50 deposit is required to register.

All YOUTH teams are required to pay online in full at least one week prior to your first game. A $100 deposit is required to register. Families can no longer pay in the the office the same day as your first game.


  • A coach/manager can pay in full online, or

  • Assign payments to players with our online roster. Here is how:

    • After you register, you will receive an email to manage your roster (if you do not, please email

    • Next, either pay the amount in full or pass it along to the players on your team

    • To pass it along to players on your team, you must type in each player's information. You will also indicate the amount you want each player to pay. The parent will receive an email which allows them to pay online


  • Once you save a players info and amount they owe, you CANNOT edit their email or change the amount. To do this, you would have to delete the entire roster and start over. We do not recommend this. If an email is wrong, send us the player's name, incorrect email and correct email and we will fix it. Do not start putting amounts until you are 100% positive they are correct. If something changes, please email us.
  • Do not input information until you finalize your  roster and determine how much each person owes
  • The person who registers the team has already paid at least a $50 deposit. Deduct that from the amount owed

  • If a family does not receive the email, check their email address. If it is incorrect, send us an email and we will change it for you. If it is correct, ask them to check their spam folder
  • If you get a pop up that a contact is a duplicate, please email us that person's name and we will resolve

  • You can put your name as the team leader and be a part of the online roster, if desired

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