Be Confident. Be Disciplined. Be Elite.

Sports Fitness and Skills Training to Take Your Game to the Next Level.

Take your game to the next level with Elite FT …

The love of soccer is almost as important as the game itself. Elite FT provides specialized training and skill enhancement to players from 3-20+ years old. Our trainers use the “Elite Way!” player development techniques to teach players an exciting approach to soccer — and to love the game.

Faster & More Agile Players Have a Distinct Advantage. Regardless of the sport, speed and agility can be developed and enhanced. The key to improving speed is following a systematical and disciplined approach. By focusing on proper technique, body control, and strengthening exercises the athletes will greatly improve their running ability and mechanics. We follow proven methods and the latest research at Elite FT!


The Annex is a private gym located inside of The Sports Academy. We offer General Strength & Conditioning, team training, functional fitness classes, boot camps, personal training and pregnancy and postpartum education.