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Tuesday Indoor Cornhole Tournaments 5:45 PM $12 per team. Cash prizes and drink specials all night.

The Sports Academy is asking all Patrons to read and understand the below guidelines and precautions to ensure a safe environment.


  • TSA is asking all spectators, staff, and participants to wear a mask while inside the facility.
  • Players are asked to wear a mask to and from the field of play. They must also sanitize hands before leaving the players zone.

  • TSA will provide sanitizer at the entrance of the facility and the entrance and exit of the playing fields.

  • · Maximum occupancy is 50% participants per field

  • · Illinois Phase III requires social distancing of 6-10 feet at all times

  • · TSA is recommending 10-ft spacing

  • · Pick up and drop off is recommended, but if not possible please bring your own chair and distance 6-10ft away

  • · Teams and groups should remain static and with no mixing of employees or participants

  • · TSA will be monitoring capacity and social distancing for staff, participants, and spectators

  • · Participants should wash and sanitize hands before and after participation

  • · Participants should bring their own source of water and not share with others

  • · No hand shakes or high fives before and after event, team huddles are also discouraged

  • · Participants should avoid touching facility accessories, such as benches, goal post, walls, and scoreboard.

  • · Participants should place all personal belongings at least 6-ft away from others’ personal belongings

  • Participants exhibiting COVID -19 symptoms should not attend event

  • All TSA staff will be given a wellness check before and during their shifts.

  • TSA is committed to a clean and safe environment. TSA is meeting and exceeding all CDC and State guidelines.

  • TSA will have set times between games to clean and sanitize all bench and playing areas.

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