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During our peak winter season leagues, over 4,000 unique impressions occur each and every week for a period of 16 weeks. The typical participant along with his/her fans (a lot of moms, dads and grandparents) are inside the facility for an hour and a half, giving your company’s advertisement a tremendous amount of exposure.

In our non-peak season leagues, we continue to have multiple adult leagues. Our adult leagues have been averaging close to 60 teams per session with a roster size of 12 people per team. This amounts to 720 impressions per week for adults, generally in the 25 year old to 42 year old range. Additionally, we have just begun a summer 3v3 league to enhance summer time utilization. This has amounted in an additional 500+ impressions per week for the months of July and August. Rental activities are also an important part of our business and provide our advertising partners increased exposure. These activities bring in over 15,000 people per year to our facility.

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